Besides Weddings and Private Events, we also perform at a very high level of mastery and musicianship, Chamber Music Concerts.

These concerts have a different setting as our Private Events. At our Chamber Music Concerts we perform a full, one to two hours concert and our performance is the highlight and center of attention.

Our highly experienced professional classical musicians have performed at hundreds of events and concerts all over the world. With an immense dedication and passion, individually and as a quartet, we give our hearts and souls into our performances.

We can perform many different types and series of concerts; for different Countries, Composers, Time Periods, Styles, Themes, Collaborative Concerts with other Expressions of Art (Dance, Visual Art, Painting, etc.).

We offer Chamber Music Concerts at Private houses, Music Halls or at the Venue of your choice. We also offer Educational Concerts, Children Concerts and Chamber Music Concerts and Master Classes at National and International Music festivals.

New ideas and suggestions are always welcome and together, we will find the perfect Concert program to your needs and wishes.

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