BelViArte is a group of highly experienced professional classical musicians, who have performed at hundreds of events and concerts all over the world. Our musicians have the highest musical education and this reflects in the high quality and passion of our performances.

We offer the perfect combination of a friendly and very professional service, customized to the needs of your event. If asked or needed, we will carefully select music pieces for your special occasion and will organize all the music details of your event at the highest level there is in the market. We have decades of experience in music event planning.

We are mainly a String Quartet but, we can also offer a String Duo, String Trio or other Chamber Groups depending on the venue, wishes and requests.

A String Duo consists of two instruments: either two violins or a violin and a cello. It is a perfect choice for intimate weddings and limited budgets. Ideal for small events and small venues. A String duo is not as rich and full sounding as a String Quartet but nevertheless, is very unique and quite beautiful.

A String Trio is comprised of three instruments: a violin, a viola and a cello or, two violins and a cello. It is a good choice for a mid-size event, budget and venue. It provides a fuller sound than a String Duo although not as much as a String Quartet.

A String Quartet consists of four instruments: two violins, a viola and a cello. It is suitable for any size of event however, it is not suitable for very small venues. It has a beautiful, rich and fuller sound than a String Duo or a Trio. It is the best we can offer and has an almost unlimited repertoire. It is a treat to hear!

We play and organize the music for events such as: Weddings, Recitals, Receptions, all kinds of Company Parties and Events, Gallery Openings, Baptisms, Funerals, Engagement Parties, Christmas Parties, and more. We also offer full Chamber Music Concerts.


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